Three Slices, a collection of stories where the cheese stands alone!Title:  Three Slices

Author:  Kevin Hearne, Delilah Dawson, Chuck Wendig
Release Date:  May 5, 2015
Source:  My personal library
Synopsis: Three Slices presents three novellas by modern fantasy writers.

My Review:

Leave it to Kevin Hearne to not only write a story about tyromancy, but to find two other partners in crime for the most enjoyable collection around! I’d never heard of divining the future using cheese before, but it sounds weirdly fascinating! Messy, but fascinating! Wish I could come up with a clever quip about cutting the cheese, but drawing a blank. Bummer.

A Prelude to War by Kevin Hearne

After an old friend is murdered in retaliation for his mercenary strikes against the oldest vampires in the world, Atticus O’Sullivan must solicit the aid of another old friend in Ethiopia if he’s going to have a chance of finishing a war he never wanted. Meanwhile, Granuaile MacTiernan starts a private war of her own against Loki, the lord of lies, and if it brings Ragnarok early–so be it.

There are really two stories in this one, one with Atticus and one with Granuaile. I prefer them to have adventures together, but understand that they’ll probably go off on their own every now and again.

Atticus and Oberon travel to Ethiopia to visit an old acquaintance so that she can read his future. My first introduction to reading the future using cheese instead of entrails or tea leaves. Weird! Meanwhile, Granuaile has a run-in with the crazy god Loki. Luckily, our girl can hold her own!

A nice short story to hold us over until the next Iron Druid adventure, but I agree with the author that this wouldn’t be a good introduction to the series.

Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys by Delilah S. Dawson

The number one rule of the circus? Don’t kill your volunteers, even accidentally. That’s how young magician Criminy Stain ends up on the run in a forest, where he meets a beautiful woman holding a bucket of blood. But is Merissa the answer to his prayers– or the orchestrator of his ruin?

I haven’t read the Blud series by Delilah, but really enjoyed this story of how Criminy Stain not only met both Barnum and Bailey, but how he got a circus of his very own!

Criminy is on the run when he stumbles onto a small, worn travelling carnival. Instantly smitten with Merissa after a chance meeting, he decides he wants the carnival for himself so sets about joining them. Of course there’s the little matter of the carnival’s resident magician not wanting to leave, but what’s a little duel to the death between friends?

A fun glimpse into the universe Delilah has created!

Interlude: Swallow by Chuck Wendig

Miriam Black is back. Miriam is tired of her curse and finally believes she knows how to be rid of her ability to see when and how other people die. She follows a lead to the mountains of Colorado, where she believes she sees signs of a serial killer she thought she already killed. (Set between THE CORMORANT and THUNDERBIRD.)

This was my least favorite of the three stories, but I think that’s because I haven’t read any of the Miriam Black books and felt a little lost at times.

Miriam has the power to see when and how other people will die just by touching them. Probably because I don’t know her whole backstory, I wasn’t 100% sure if this was her only “gift” or if she had other powers as well. And who or what is the Trespasser?

Didn’t really care for Miriam so it was hard for me to sympathize with her predicament. I don’t mind a little cussing here or there if that’s how the character talks, but boy does that girl have a mouth on her! Maybe another reason Miriam and I didn’t hit it off?


All in all, I think the whole idea of foretelling the future using cheese is an incredibly original theme for a short story collection! Probably best for readers already familiar with the authors so you won’t feel lost, but I still enjoyed the read. The Iron Druid story made it worthwhile for me on it’s own, as I love that series!

Have you read Three Slices? Which story was your favorite? Am I the only one who didn’t know what tyromancy was and had to look it up? And why can’t I think of any clever cheese jokes?

The cheese stands alone? Nope! A book where who moved my cheese might have serious consequences? Not even! One cheese, two cheese, red cheese, blue cheese? Now I’m just embarrassing myself… Someone please give me a funny cheese quip and put me out of my misery! 

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