I’m still here….sorta.
Things have been pretty hectic lately. We got out of town just ahead of Hurricane Sandy, but I spent several hours days glued to the TV watching updates as I was worried about my friends back home. Our house closing was delayed because, well, it’s hard to close on a house when no one has power. But we finally closed! Just in time for Athena to hit the area. Whew! Don’t know what Mother Nature has against the East Coast, but glad we’re finally out!
I know, I know, what does this have to do with books? Nothing really, just wanted to explain why I haven’t been around lately. I haven’t read a book in over two weeks. Think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone without reading. Feels weird. 
So life has been busy with exploring the area and house hunting. And it feels kind of rude to read in front of DH for some reason, which is strange because I never had this problem before.
Anyway, I am slowly dipping my toe back into the blogging world and have started visiting blogs again. Need to work up the energy to start writing reviews, and need to start reading. 
Feels a little like everything is on hold until we find a permanent place to live, and I seem to have no energy. But to quote Monty Python – I’m not dead yet! 

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