Spring Bloggiesta 2015

Spring Bloggiesta 2015 | Alexia's Books and Such

It’s time for another Bloggiesta, this time for an entire week! I missed the last festival, so am really looking forward to completing some goals and learning a few new tricks.

What is Bloggiesta?

Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon revolving around ticking off those items on your to-do list and improving your blog while in the good company of other awesome bloggers doing the same thing. Our awesome mascot Pedro (Plan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize) is ready to break out the nachos, enchiladas, drinks, mariachi music and whack a pinata or two! It’s nothing short of an awesome fiesta! (website)

My Goals:

  • Update book review index
  • Crosspost book reviews to Amazon & Goodreads
  • Catch up on emails
  • Complete at least one mini-challenge
  • Take part in at least one Twitter chat
  • Create custom cover for my Pinterest review boards
  • Import Bloglovin’ feed to Feedly
  • Finish removing dead links from old IMM posts
  • Cheer on other Bloggiesta participants
  • Pin at least 3 months worth of old reviews to Pinterest
  • Have a minimum of 5 posts ready as back-ups
  • Explore idea I have for a new meme to see if it’s feasible
  • Write pending reviews

I usually wind up adding to my list of goals during Bloggiesta, so assuming this week won’t be any different. Since it’s a full week this time, I’m counting on getting quite a bit accomplished! Are you participating in Bloggiesta? Want more info? Check out the official Bloggiesta page for more details and to sign up! Hope to see you there!

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0 thoughts on “Spring Bloggiesta 2015

  1. Good luck with all that on that list. I know the that feeling of needing to get back up and orginzied and it never works. I am still in need of write reviews for some books read in 202/2014.. that got backed up because of traveling and not in the mood to get them done. I so hope to make a dent in that this coming week.

  2. Great goals list! You've inspired me to add to my list – I haven't been pinning my book posts to Pinterest at all the past three or four months, and I really should!

  3. Thanks Lindsay! I don't know if I could write reviews for all of my old books, but I've written a couple that I got on Goodreads to try and get my score back up. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Belle! My list grows every time I visit other participants as there are so many good ideas out there! Good luck with your Pinterest board, as that's one of my top traffic generators!

  5. This is a pretty Idea to do: Create custom cover for my Pinterest review boards
    I was wondering something is there a blogging Idea or challenge or even Guide to do this. I may add this to my list of Goals

  6. I'm determined to learn how to use pinterest for my blog. I'm obsessed with it for everything else so no reason why not! Good luck with all your goals!

  7. 5 back up posts is very ambitious. I might steal this idea, though. One of my goals is to meet as many new bloggers as possible, so I am spending today visiting as many blogs on the sign up as possible. Happy Bloggiesta!

  8. That is a large list of goals, but of course not everything has to be done, just what can be. I love your idea for custom covers for pinterest boards, you are making me think of my own. Good luck with meme idea. Thinking of that challenge too.

  9. Pinterest goal is a good idea! I didn't think of that one, might have to save it for next time but one I really need to do!

    Awesome Goals! Good Luck with them! I hope you are able to finish all of them πŸ™‚ Happy Bloggiesta!

  10. Hi, sorry, I kinda response-bombed a bunch of your tweets before I checked out your blog! We are both doing the What's in a Name Challenge. πŸ™‚ Otherwise, seriously surprising? I can't see that we share any books-read. Funny when then happens? Happy Bloggiesta! (www.bkclubcare.wordpress.com / @BkClubCare)

  11. Thank you for the idea/link about creating custom Pinterest board covers. Sounds like a good idea.

    Also, I love the header of this blog. I want to live in it. πŸ™‚

  12. I signed up and made a list of goals, but that's as far as I've gotten so far. Sigh. Maybe I can do more this weekend.

    Good luck on meeting your goals. Here's to some blogging fun this week!


  13. Hallo Terri,

    I'm coming through to your blog via the lovely supportive comment you left on my bloggiesta journal (http://wp.me/p4Y8Bq-2fp) πŸ™‚

    I'm getting to where I can focus more on commenting & working through my own list, as the hours simply evaporate this week a bit faster than I fathomed they might! πŸ™

    We share overlapping goals — except for pinning things as I'm not sure about that considering the risks involved with permissions. I truly like keeping my activities online a bit on the shorter side too, as it's more manageable but I give you credit for diversifying and keeping everything current! πŸ™‚

    Even small successes this week are the one's I'm celebrating! I do agree with you on getting a jump start on planning our posts out in advance or having better flexibility therein. This is a working goal ever since I started! lol

    What kind of meme were you thinking of starting?! You perked my interest in that! πŸ™‚

    Are you going to update this post or create a secondary post? I wanted to cheer you on as you were kind to me during my first bloggiesta! πŸ™‚ Appreciated it!

  14. I'm totally hooked on Pinterest, so think this was my favorite goal! I even created a board for Bloggiesta challenges, as I saw several older challenges I'd like to try. Think I'm totally addicted! lol

  15. This week has gone by pretty fast, but I'm working my way through my list and figure I can finish it after Bloggiesta is over if necessary. I'll have an update when Bloggiesta is done with how I did on my goals. So far, not so good… so I better get busy! lol

  16. You're right, it's exhausting! I've tried dead link checkers, but they don't always point me to the link. I knew that my old IMM posts had dead links, so I started with those. Now I'm checking links as I update my old posts, but not sure where I'll go from there.

    Good luck with your goals! And thanks for stopping by!

  17. I love your header. It's very cute and the whole look of the blog is really cool. Plus the network buttons being books is genius! I'm not sure if you decide to do the challenge for sidebar clean-up but I have been to blogs where they have a page (like about me, archives, request policy) dedicated to a list of other blogs that they follow. I've seen it done with both a collage of blog buttons and just a list of blogs with links. It would help save space on your sidebar without having to get rid of anything.

  18. I'm popping over from Bloggiesta and the feedback link up that you joined in.
    I used to have a 3 column blog until yesterday (my wrap up post in a couple of days will talk about how that change actually went) but I can recommend the change to a 2 column blog – and adjusting the widths of your post column to be larger makes it easier for visitors to read.

    I like your colour scheme – soothing and not fussy with lots of clutter on it. I like social media icons on the left that follow me down the page…in which case you may not need the ones on the top right column any longer?

    I hope you've enjoyed Bloggiesta as much as I have – I look forward to checking out more of your posts πŸ™‚

  19. I have to say that I love Feedly so much more than Bloglovin. I think it's more user-friendly and acts much more like the old Google Reader. I hope you like using it better too.

    Good luck with your other goals! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  20. Wow! That is ambitious! I really love the idea of this event and I do plan to participate eventually. I just have such a hard time keeping to a schedule. between work and dealing with hubby as soon as I get home, I usually don't get to sit down to the computer until 10 or more like 11 at night. Honestly, I am finding that lately, at that hour, my brain doesn't want to function and I'm just too tired.

    I will cheer you on from the sidelines, though. And who knows. Maybe I'll learn something.

  21. Thank you for the feedback! I removed the floating share buttons on the left as they seemed to be confusing people and no one was using them. I'm really pleased with the new social media icons I installed, so hoping others like them too!

    While I'm not being as productive as I'd like, I've been having fun and making new friends! The Twitter chats have been a blast!

  22. I'm starting to get used to Feedly and really like that I can save posts for later! Still learning and tweaking my groups, but would go back to the old Google Reader in a minute if they ever brought it back! I still miss that Next Button! ha!

  23. I'm working at keeping to a blogging schedule because I have a tendency to get lost in the interwebz when I'm supposed to be working. Stupid, addictive Facebook games!

    I'm going to try and talk you into creating a Pinterest board next, so consider yourself warned!

  24. Thank you, Candy! I'm still getting used to Feedly, but am liking it so far! I really like how easy it is to read, but don't like that the blogs don't get credit for me reading them and so they might have lower stats because of it. Not sure how to remedy that without having to visit every single post I want to read.

    My list keeps growing too, so might have to roll it over into the next Bloggiesta! Hope you enjoyed everything!

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