Review: She's The Boss by Lisa Lim. A light, quick, laugh out loud funny read!

She’s the Boss by Lisa Lim

The Devil Wears Prada meets The Office. 

Twenty-something Karsynn is now a boss but she’s not so much The Devil Wears Prada as she is The Angel Wears Payless. With a brighter career, things should be going better for Karsynn, right? Wrong. There’s now a new director at the office–Carter Lockwood, and he’s brought his reputation for wrecking havoc amongst the ladies. Karsynn prides herself in being the only one impervious to Carter’s good looks. In fact, she takes great pleasure in blowing on the embers of Carter’s hostility. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts:

Really enjoyed Confessions of a Call Center Gal, so was happy to review this follow-up for the author! This one picks up not too long after the first book, and several of our favorite characters are back as well!

As a former call center gal, I recognized several of the situations Kars finds herself in and really enjoyed the story! Really loved it when she got to travel to Malaysia to help open a new call center as I did something similar, only in India.

So many of Karsynn’s adventures mirrored my own, except for the whole sexy boss thing. I WISH I had had a sexy boss like Carter, but that might have been awkward since I’m married. No offence to my former call center bosses, but none of you were sexy. Or male.


Love the humor in these books, as I’m a sucker for sarcastic, wacky dialog. While working in a call center can be draining and suck the very life out of you, this particular call center sounds like it would be a fun place to work! So many unique, funny characters! Would probably be a nightmare to manage, but they sound like they have fun!

This was a fast, fun read that would make a perfect beach book. Probably best if you read the two books in order so you already know all the characters, but can certainly be read as a stand-alone. Either way, it’s definitely a light, quick, laugh out loud funny read!

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