I am the missionI Am The Mission by Allen Zadoff

Review copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

He was the perfect assassin. No name. No past. No remorse. Perfect, that is, until he began to ask questions and challenge his orders.

Now The Program is worried that their valuable soldier has become a liability.

And so Boy Nobody is given a new mission. A test of sorts. A chance to prove his loyalty.

His objective: Take out Eugene Moore, the owner of an extremist military training camp for teenagers. It sounds like a simple task, but a previous operative couldn’t do it. He lost the mission and is presumed dead. Now Boy Nobody is confident he can finish the job. Quickly.

But when things go awry, Boy Nobody finds himself lost in a mission where nothing is as it seems: not The Program, his allegiances, nor the truth.

The riveting second book in Allen Zadoff’s Boy Nobody series delivers heart-pounding action and a shocking new twist that makes Boy Nobody question everything he has believed. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts:

Since I really enjoyed the first book in this series (check out my I Am the Weapon review), I was happy to receive an email invitation to review I Am the Mission!

The story picks up soon after the end of book one.

Confused by his feelings during the last mission, Boy goes off grid to try and sort out his thoughts. But apparently agents of The Program aren’t allowed to simply disappear and they soon track him down.

Thrown into another new mission without his usual prep time, things don’t go as planned and Boy must rely on his instincts and training in order to get the job done. Unfortunately, nothing is as it seems.

While trying to take out his target, Boy’s doubts about The Program return and he isn’t sure which way to turn. Then something happens that results in even more questions.

Needless to say, things are not going well for Boy.

This is another great read and I’m already looking forward to book three!

Interesting characters, both old friends and new, really make this story believable. Thought it was a well paced storyline with a realistic premise and I was never bored!

Not very happy with the abrupt cliffhanger of an ending, but it did set the scene nicely for the next book.

I really like Boy and while I don’t always agree with the choices he makes, they’re understandable considering his background.

Don’t let the fact that Boy is a sixteen year old trained assassin put you off reading this series! There’s nothing overly descriptive and most of the violence is presented in a matter-of-fact way.

As someone who can’t watch horror movies because I get queasy, trust me when I say these are well worth reading!

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