dance dance dance
Can hardly believe that Book Expo America (BEA) is almost here! It seemed so far away and I had plenty of time, then BAM! OMG it’s this week! I’m not ready! Yikes! *deep breath*
I’ve been working on a spreadsheet for some of the books I want to try and pick up. It’s not finished yet, but thought I’d leave a link to give you an idea of what a giant geek I am how I try and organize my day. I know that there are several overlaps, but if one line is too long or they run out of books, at least I’ll have options.
And before the full craziness of BEA sets in, I want to apologize to everyone in advance. I am not a visual person, so I’m pretty sure I won’t recognize you if we run into each other (despite your helpful posts showing your picture). Believe it or not, I will probably not recognize you even if we’ve met before. So please, please, please don’t take it personally if I sneak a peek at your badge for your name!
If you sneak a peek at my badge and recognize my name, please say hello! And if you have business cards, could I please have one (so I can remember who I talked with)? I’ll have my business cards with me, but I usually forget to offer. Had a great discussion with someone while waiting in line last year, but we forgot to trade cards so I have no idea who she was. So embarrassing!
Will you be at BEA this week? Would love to say hello! I’ll be on Twitter (@Alexia561) all three days, or shoot me an email. And please don’t mind the blank look on my face if I can’t see your badge…. pretend that I have amnesia and remind me of your name (two or three times if necessary).
*happy dance*

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