a little on the dry side

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Tor Books; Reprint edition (September 1, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 076532413X
ISBN-13: 978-0765324139

Rating: 3/5
Source: Library

Book Blurb:

What would you do if you got a glimpse of your own personal future and it looked bleak? Try to change things, or accept that the future is unchangeable and make the best of it?

My Review:

I picked up this book because I like the TV show so much that I wanted to learn more. There are major differences between the two, mainly that the flashforward in the book is 20 years in the future, while the flashforward in the TV show is only 6 months. I think 6 months makes the story more compelling, and has a more immediate effect on the characters and the choices they start making.

While the book centered on scientists and explained the scientific cause of the flashforward, I prefer the FBI agents on the show not knowing the cause. I have to admit that all of the scientific explanations bogged the story down and I skimmed over those pages. To be honest, those parts made my eyes glaze over as though I was back in Science 101.

Gave this a 3 out of 5 rating as it’s a great premise and I liked it enough to finish it, but it was a little on the dry side and I could have done without all of the science. Not a must read, but just okay.

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13 thoughts on “Mini-Review: FlashForward by Robert J. Sawyer

  1. I also love the tv show but had no idea there was a book – perhaps it's mentioned on the programme but, to be honest, I generally have my glasses off by this point and whilst I can see the picture, any writing is usually too small for me to read. Thanks for the post anyway, this book could make a great present for bro-in-law 1 who is a huge fan of the series. A win-win situation as I'd then be able to borrow it.

  2. I haven't ever watched the tv show. Anything about science textbooks makes my eyes glaze over. I'll have to pass on that one.

  3. Love the show though I haven't seen the last few episodes yet. I almost picked this book up at the store the other day and now I'm glad I didn't. Thanks for the review.

  4. Petty Witter – Don't think they mentioned the book during the show, but I saw something about it in a magazine article. Absolutely LOVE the show! 🙂

    Pam – I highly recommend the show, as I think it's one of the best new shows this year! Give it a shot and let me know what you think.

    Ryan – Another FlashForward fan! I'm hoping that the writers can keep up the good work and don't jump the shark any time soon. So far, so good!

  5. I have not seen the tv show. I have seen the commercials and think it looks good, but for some reason not ever found it on tv.

    Sounds as the book is just average. Well, this must be one of those few cases where the show is actually better than the book. Oh well, I will have to check out the tv show.


  6. Melissa – You should definitely check out the TV show! Think it's on Thursday nights, but I tape it so I'm not sure. No worries about the double posting…blogger does that sometimes. 🙂

  7. I've seen previews for the show and it looks good but haven't actually watched, then my TV broke 🙁 Looks like I'll have to catch it on DVD when it comes out! Not sure I'd pick up the book though, if you think it's dry.

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