March 2013 Wrap-up
March was meh. 
I only read three books during the entire month of March. *blech*
Thought I had found my mojo at the beginning of the month, but it didn’t stick around very long. Assumed that I was in a reading rut, but turns out it was a review rut. Found myself not wanting to pick up a new book because then I would have to review it, and I’m so far behind on my reviews that it’s not even funny.
But I have a plan! (yeah, yeah, yeah. Terri plans, gods laugh. Moving on…)
Someone recommended that I force myself to read in order to get out of my reading rut. So decided I’m going to force myself to write reviews in order to get out of my review rut. Even if they’re short reviews, at least it will get the writing juices flowing again, right? And lord knows I can’t shut up once I get started, so it’s the getting started part that I’m having trouble with…. *sigh*
Now, for some strange reason, I can’t get the intro to Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild out of my head. You know the line – Get your motor running….

Fingers crossed!
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