After Bloglovin’ started playing games with me and driving me mad (see my original rant), I started to seriously consider a switch to Feedly.

The Problem:

Bloglovin’ “lost” some of the blogs I was following, only to have all of the missing posts mysteriously show up a few days later. And several of the posts I’d already read would pop back up as unread.

Several of my blogging friends recommended Feedly and said they loved it, so decided to tackle the transfer during Bloggiesta.

The Solution:

Since I already had a Feedly account from when Google Reader bit the dust, I decided to transfer my feed from Bloglovin’ as a back up of sorts. I’d give Feedly a try and, if I didn’t like it for some reason, at least my feed would be safe if Bloglovin’ went nuts again.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as I expected.

The How:

There was no simple tutorial online, which surprised me. After digging around and randomly clicking this and that, I found

I downloaded the Bloglovin’ feed (called an OPML file) to my computer using the Export link, then uploaded it to Feedly using the Import link (make sure you see where your computer downloads the file, as I tend to not pay attention and have to go on search and destroy missions).

The Results:

After my account was updated with my Bloglovin’ groups, I noticed that there were duplicate listings from my original Feedly account as well as old blogs I no longer followed.

To save myself time reorganizing everything, I decided to delete all of my feed and import Bloglovin’ again. Worked perfectly!

I’ve been using Feedly for several weeks now and really like it! I can create groups just like I did in Bloglovin’ and bookmark posts to read later. My favorite feature is the index, where I can see all the groups with new posts at once.

Curious if anyone else has made the switch and what you think? Do you prefer Feedly? Bloglovin’? Or another reader out there?

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19 thoughts on “How I switched from Bloglovin to Feedly

  1. Glad to hear Feedly is working out well for you.

    I keep threatening to change my blog provider (currently Blogger) but its a case of better the devil you know.

  2. I had the same problem with Bloglovin. It also skipped some blog posts. So, I decided to use Feedly too. I like it a lot better. It's much more like the old Google Reader. I still have a Bloglovin Follow button, though, so my readers can choose.

  3. I've thought about leaving blogger, but am comfortable with it and haven't had too many problems. As you say, better the devil you know!

  4. I didn't realize Bloglovin was having issues (that just shows you how much I rely on it). I straight up subscribe by email to blogs I love. I do look at my emails from Bloglovin just to see what is happening in blog land. I know that it only shows me a snippet of my feed, but that is usually enough to keep me busy reading for a while. I also go to every single blog that leaves me a comment, and return in kind. I try to check on my whole blogroll at least weekly and leave some love on posts that interest me. I probably won't start with a feedly, but it is awesome that you put this together for us. I might change my mind at some point, I do that often.

  5. I would probably subscribe by email if my inbox wasn't already out of control! Right now, Feedly is working for me so will stick to it. I try to reply to every comment too, but sometimes it takes me a few days. I'm a horrible procrastinator! lol

  6. I must confess, I have trouble of late keeping up with anything so have not been on Bloglovin for quite some time. Didn't know they were having problems. I'll have to check out Feedly, though. It's always good to provide people with options. Thanks for the tips!

  7. What in particular to you like best about Feedly and what were the things you found you had to get used to? I might have to check it out. #GetSocial17

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