Way back in August of 2012, I wrote a guest post for my friend Ryan at Wordsmithsonia. It was for his Favorite Fictional Character series, which is one of my favorites as Ryan is always introducing me to old and new friends! I came across this post while doing some blog spring cleaning and thought I would dust it off for a repost. This is still one of my favorite paintings, so hope you enjoy!
Girl at the Window by Salvador Dali
This is a Salvador Dali painting, most commonly known as “Girl at the Window”.

Seems an odd choice for a Favorite Fictional Character post, doesn’t it? A moment in time captured in a painting. An unknown character with an unknown story. How can this be a Favorite Fictional Character? Glad you asked!
When Ryan asked me if I’d be interested in doing one of these posts for him, he said that there were no limitations on where the character could come from and that books, movies, TV shows, poems, songs, or even artwork were all on the table. Artwork? Color me intrigued! And what better artwork to feature than one of my favorites?
I found a poster of this piece many years ago, lying on the floor, at a warehouse sale. Had no idea who the artist was or the title, but I knew that I had to have it! It “spoke” to me (plus, it was blue and I knew it would look good in my bathroom). It quickly became my favorite poster!
As you might have guessed from my avatar, there’s something about staring out a window that I love….the longing for what’s out there….wanting to explore new horizons…wondering if the grass is really greener over the next hill? I have spent plenty of time staring out windows over the years, so I identify with this unknown girl.
I love this picture. Who is the girl? Is she longing for far horizons? I think that she’s been at the window for awhile and didn’t just stop by to check the weather, as she looks like she’s settled in. See how she’s leaning on the sill and one of her legs is bent? Like she’s shifting her stance to find a more comfortable position. Like she’s spent hours at that window….
I think that she certainly qualifies as a FFC, in that I’m able to come up with my own stories for her. Has she had a rough day and wants to escape? Is she just a daydreamer? Does she have itchy feet and longs to travel? I see all of that….and more. Am I nuts and it’s just a girl standing at a window? Can you feel her longing? What do you see when you look at this picture?
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