It’s been about eight months since I first discovered the magical world of CSN! At first, I thought they just carried bookcases, as I saw them mentioned on a few different book blogs. Much to my surprise, I found out that CSN has over 200 different stores! If you need to remodel your bathroom, you can get a bathroom vanity. Have a new baby? They have cribs and car seats and such over at their Baby Store. They have sofas for the family room, and BBQ grills for the backyard, and dishes for the kitchen. I’m pretty sure that they have everything you could possibly need!

I’ve gotten a few things from the various CSN Stores, including a sisal cat post for my cat Didi. She loves it! It was better made than the ones I’ve picked up at various pet stores, much more solid, and I even had a choice of colors. I’m telling you, the selection at CSN is amazing!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been browsing through their stores in search of a bookcase for my TBR books. I didn’t really want to get another bookcase as I already have six, but it’s either get another bookcase or start getting rid of books…so another bookcase it is! 🙂

I don’t have the room for a huge bookcase, so I was thinking a small one I could put next to the window. Just to get some of my TBR books off the floor and make things look a little neater. Found a couple that I think might work, so would love your opinion! Option #1 is this cute metal and wicker bookcase. I’m not usually a fan of wicker, but I like the scrollwork.

Option #2 is this black, metal bookcase. All of my other bookcases are wood, so don’t know that this would fit in. I do sort of like the sleek, modern look though. What do you think?

Option #3 is a basic wooden bookcase. It’s the right size, and made of wood so my other bookcases wouldn’t shun it, but I’m not sold on the design. Seems a little too basic and boxy to me.

Option #4 is also made of wood, but looks a little more finished. It’s more expensive than the others, but still affordable. Wanted to keep it to a maximum of four options, as otherwise I would get carried away. They have a gorgeous cherry red bookcase that I fell in love with, and this really funky cubed design that I thought was awesome, but they were both too large for the space I have. 🙁

So help a girl out in choosing a new TBR bookcase? Option #1 is cute, but #2 is kind of cool. Option #3 is the perfect size, but #4 looks like a piece of furniture and is pretty. Which one would you choose? I want to choose one and set it up before my TBR piles explode! I’ll even post a review and pictures once it’s all set up. Thanks!

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12 thoughts on “CSN Stores – Help Me Choose My New Bookcase?

  1. I think #4 has more staying power. The others you might get tired of their look faster. Dark wood is always fashionable (except for in the unfortunate 70's when Teak was all the rage :-p )

    Enjoy whichever you pick!!

  2. I like option 4 the best. I think the dark wood and interesting pattern of rails makes it the most interesting. I just wish I had a place to put more bookshelves. I have run out of walls at my house! Happy shopping!

  3. I would be afraid the wicker would not wear well, and the ones with spaces mean more dusting. 🙂 I usually go for thing with less work to clean. But I would go with bookcase 3 or 4. Even though 4 is open it shouldn't be to hard to clean. So 3 or 4 would be my pick. 🙂 Hope you love the one you get.

  4. How did you get your cat to use that scratching post? Try as we did, we could never get any of our 4 to use one and believe me when I say we tried EVERY trick known to man and then some.

    Is this some strange psychological test you are conducting? (laughs)Our choice of bookcase tells you something really deep and meaningful about us.

    I'd go with option 1.

  5. This is much harder than I thought it would be! Every time I think I've made up my mind, one of the others starts calling my name. *L*

    Leaning towards #4, although it only has two shelves. But #2 looks pretty, modern, and cool…maybe I need to shake up the room with something different? Arrrrgh! :p

  6. I'd definitely vote for number four…it seems to be the one you liked the most and it's got a little bit of a classy look to it while still being totally functional. ^_^

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