Not Your Mama’s Zombies! (Urban Fantasy books for your TBR pile)

Zombies used to be boring. Slow. Shambling. Easy to escape simply by running away. Then came the new wave of zombies! They were fast, so you couldn’t escape so easily.¬†And some of them were just like you and me, aside from the whole being dead thing of course. That’s what I love about the new urban fantasy zombie! They’re funny and snarky and just like us! Here are a few of my favorite urban fantasy …

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13 New Fantasy Books to Add to Your TBR Pile

Despite having towering piles of books that I haven’t read yet, I can’t resist browsing online for new releases! There’s nothing like the bright and the shiny and the new! Since urban fantasy is one of my favorite genres, I was excited to find so many new fantasy books scheduled for release over the next few months! There’s even a new book by one of my favorite authors, Seanan McGuire! And Karen Chance! Love Karen …

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8 Quirky Christmas Reads for Adults

Looking for something a little different to read over the holidays, but still want a touch of Christmas? I know that I sometimes get tired of the same old, same old stories during the holidays and want to spice things up a bit! I mean, how many times can you read How The Grinch Stole Christmas before turning into a Grinch yourself? I love that old green gobin, but still! Well, here are 8 Christmas …

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