Not Your Mama’s Zombies! (Urban Fantasy books for your TBR pile)

Zombies used to be boring. Slow. Shambling. Easy to escape simply by running away. Then came the new wave of zombies! They were fast, so you couldn’t escape so easily.¬†And some of them were just like you and me, aside from the whole being dead thing of course. That’s what I love about the new urban fantasy zombie! They’re funny and snarky and just like us! Here are a few of my favorite urban fantasy …

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Blind Date With a Book

Have you ever gone on a blind date with a book? I remember hearing about libraries doing this during Valentine’s Day events, but had never seen blind date books in real life. Then a used bookstore opened up near me and they have an entire bookcase devoted to Blind Date With a Book selections! Color me intrigued!

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6 Hot, New Short Stories & Anthologies (June 2019)

The weather is finally getting warmer, which means we can finally take our books outside and get some fresh air! What’s better than sitting outside, putting on your sunglasses, relaxing with a nice tall glass of lemonade, and starting a new book? And there’s nothing better than a book of short stories when you’re sitting by the pool or relaxing on the beach! Short enough to be interesting, but also easy to set down when …

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