I think that I may have lost my mind, but it’s too late to stop now…

After one too many times of buying a new book, getting it home and starting to read it only to discover that I’ve already read the darn thing, I decided to categorize my home library. Yes, I was going to take on the herculean task of inventorying all of my books.

Was easily distracted at first by all of the books I had forgotten I had, but eventually got into the groove. First, I had to alphabetize any books which were out of order. Sad, but true….a habit I picked up after working in a bookstore for seven years or so. After everything was in order, then I started taking inventory.

May have been a mistake to put them all into a word document, but that’s how I started so I’m stuck with it. Quickly realized it was going to take way more than just one document. I’m up to ten now, but may have to expand further. Trying to stay away from one doc for each letter of the alphabit, but we’ll see how it goes. Have them listed by author’s last name, first name, title.

Bit of a quandary over how to list anthologies and collections….still deciding.

Also took the opportunity to organize my bookshelves. Have two just for paperbacks, one for my TBR pile, one for hardcovers, one for my favorite authors/series, and one for non-fiction. Only two of them are full size bookcases, but hubby still thinks 6 bookcases are too many. Ahhhh, what does he know! 🙂

Ultimate plan is to download the word docs into my palm so I have my book list with me at all times to prevent buying duplicates in the future.

Inventory is now finished, just have to finish typing all of the info in. That may take awhile, as I have pages and pages of titles…..

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