Bookmark Monday
Since I collect bookmarks, thought it would be fun to join the Guiltless Reader for her Bookmark Monday posts!

It’s no secret that Jennifer Estep is one of my favorite authors, so whenever she offers new bookmarks to her fans, I’m there! All she asks is for you to send one SASE and she will generously send new bookmarks. I’ve gotten them before and love them, so was anxiously awaiting the newest set! Unfortunately, the Post Office had other plans.

Is that label supposed to be ironic? We Care? Really???

I received a plastic envelope with several chewed up bookmarks and a label stating “We Care”, explaining that they do their best but hey, accidents happen. Really, Post Office? Really? If you cared, you wouldn’t have eaten my bookmarks!

Sad victims of the Post Office Death Machine
A moment of silence for the sad victims…

The Survivors! Be afraid Post Office, as the Spider will have her revenge!

But wait, there were survivors!

I’m not sure what happened to all of the bookmarks as there weren’t enough pieces to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, but thankfully there were some left intact! And a cute little notepad survived, so I’m happy!

You did your evil best Post Office, but you cannot defeat The Spider!

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