For as long as I can remember, I’ve never liked the best seller lists. Didn’t like the idea of some list telling me what books I ‘should’ read. Just because everyone else was reading it didn’t mean it was a good book. And there’s also the evil little voice in the back of my head whispering that if the unwashed masses like it so much, then it can’t be all that good now can it?

I give you The Bridges of Madison County as Exhibit #1. That sucker was on the best seller lists for how many weeks? And evil little voice or no, I couldn’t get past the first page! Sorry if I’ve offended anyone, but that book triggered my gag reflex.

Danielle Steel shall be Exhibit #2. My mother loves her. A lot of people love her or she wouldn’t constantly be on the best seller lists, now would she? I remember reading ole’ Danielle back in junior high. Didn’t she used to write for Harlequin? {sigh} Used to love my Harlequin Romances. Anyway….that was then and this is now. I remain firmly convinced that Danielle has a master plot outline that she just tweaks for every book. Change the names, occupations, and country and boom! there’s the next book. Needless to say, my mother is not amused by my theory.

How about we make John Grisham Exhibit #3? I’ve never cared much for legal thrillers, but I remember reading the first page of one of his books to see what all the fuss was about. I was not impressed. Don’t remember which book it was, but I remember thinking that his writing was mediocre and dull.

I don’t count authors who hit the lists once or twice over the years, as miracles do happen and occasionally a good book will catch the public’s eye. Just the ones who’s every book makes the lists, for no good reason other than name recognition.

So there you have it….my long, convoluted reason why I don’t like reading best selling authors. Wondering if all this makes me a book snob, a reverse snob, or just a quirky reader?


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6 thoughts on “Book snob, or just quirky?

  1. I think we all have our own tastes for books. Some times those tastes take me to the bestsellers to browse and see whats out there, yet I like you – like to find the hidden treasure… the book not so promoted.

  2. My daughter and I have completely different tastes in books. What she loves, I hate, and vice-versa.

    I like James Patterson. She has a totally different opinion. : )
    I had to laugh about your Danielle Steele comment. I love romance novels, but I've felt the same way as you about her for a long time.

  3. I'm with you….I don't bother with best sellers. Me? I like looking for lesser known authors…I have found some wonderful authors by just randomly picking out books from the library…not even reading the inside flaps. Just taking a chance! It is kind of exciting!

  4. i have the same thing with people who are lionized as "great writer". like steinbeck, i only made it thru on book and it was called a novelette…the moon is down…which i highly recommend to everyone! but the rest, put me to sleep. o, hemmingway…same thing but they made great movies. f. scott fitzgerald…i tried so hard to read him in college…could not get thru his novels but he has some great short stories! so maybe i am in worst shape than you.

  5. I always figured people who read a lot will have very individual tastes. People who read the odd holiday book are more likely to buy the books on the first table in the bookshop, which will give us our bestseller list.

  6. I don't read books just because they're on the bestseller list, but I do investigate the ones that seem to be everywhere to see if they're something I might enjoy! We all have our ways of figuring out what books we'll love, and I don't think you're a book snob!

    I went through a Danielle Steel phase, too… and lately, the books I've grabbed just haven't interested me at all. You're right — her plots can be a little interchangeable. And by "a little," I mean consistently 🙂 Still, I'll give props where props are do — the woman's books never float around in obscurity, and she really crank them out!

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