Mass Market Paperback: 305 pages
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks; Original edition (February 2, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0312946139
ISBN-13: 978-0312946135

Rating: 4/5
Source: Barnes & Noble Sneak Peek Program

Book Blurb:
Lucy Valentine is as smart as can be, as single as you can get, and so not qualified to run a matchmaking service. But when her parents temporarily step down from the family business, Valentine, Inc., it’s Lucy’s turn to step up and help out—in the name of love. Plus, her rent is due.

Here’s the problem: Lucy doesn’t have the knack for matchmaking. According to family legend, every Valentine has been blessed by Cupid with the ability to read “auras” and pair up perfect couples. But not Lucy. Her skills were zapped away years ago in an electrical surge, and now all she can do is find lost objects. What good is that in the matchmaking world? You’d be surprised. In a city like Boston, everyone’s looking for something. So when Lucy locates a missing wedding ring—on a dead body—she asks the sexy private eye who lives upstairs to help her solve the perfect crime. And who knows? Maybe she’ll find the perfect love while she’s at it…

My Review:
I received a copy of Truly, Madly from Barnes & Noble as part of their Sneak Peek program. It’s sort of a romance, mystery, paranormal combination with a touch of humor. Lucy is a great character who has a talent for finding lost objects, which she feels is practically useless when compared to her family’s talent for finding true love as matchmakers.

This is a fast, fun read with likable characters. A little predictable, but I enjoyed the journey. The romance aspect wasn’t hot & steamy, but still interesting. The mystery wasn’t Agatha Christie hard, but still had a twist. I’d like to see more of Lucy, watch her relationship with Sean to see where it heads, see if she decides to stay with the family firm, and learn more about her grandmother Dovie.

Gave this a 4/5 rating as it was an enjoyable read, Ms Webber is a talented writer, and it left me wanting more! Recommend this book as a light, enjoyable read.

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16 thoughts on “Book Review: Truly, Madly by Heather Webber

  1. Sheila – Sneak Peak is a new program that I actually saw on Twitter, as I follow the B&N tweets. Think that this was the first book they offered, but hope they have more as I really enjoyed it! It's under the romance book club tab at if you want to keep an eye out for future offerings.

    Dannie – Adorable is a good description. I really like Lucy Valentine!

  2. Hi, Alexia! I just feel so envious toward book bloggers in the US! Imagine being part of a program that lets you take a sneak peek of upcoming books!

    I enjoyed your review, Alexia! This sounds like a relaxing read.

  3. Sounds sweet and fun. I used to read B&N's First Look books regularly but have been out of the loop- this one sounds cute. One of my favorite movies is called TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY but it's very different I think! 🙂

  4. Peter – Thank you! I really enjoyed this one!

    Steph – You'll have to let me know what you think if you do decide to read it, as I think Lucy will be a strong lead for an entire series!

    Marie – I read a couple of their First Look books, but the latest one didn't grab me. Was so excited when I found out about this new program! I remember Truly, Madly, Deeply! Alan Rickman was great in that movie! Such a wonderful love story…

  5. I haven't heard of this one or this program. I love romance novels because they always end happily. Perfect for when I need a day with a happy ending! : )

  6. I was hesitant to read your review as I didn't want to have too much of the story spoiled….I too received a copy, but through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers program and have it in my to be read soon mini-stack. Glad to see that you enjoyed it and it sounds like there may be the potential to continue with the character in additional books….thanks for sharing!

  7. Pam – That's one of the reasons I like romances as well! Sometimes you just need a happy ending. 🙂

    Petty Witter – Thanks for stopping by! Will be by to visit your site later.

    GMR – I try not to give away too much, as I love discovering the story on my own and assume others feel the same way. Looking forward to hearing what you think of Lucy and company!

  8. I have been a little curious of this book. I'm glad to see you read it and enjoyed it. I have been steering away from it because I didn't know if I would like it, but it seems as I might from your review.

    I will have to keep an eye on this book. Thanks!

  9. Alexia, Petty Witter left a message for you on my blog in the Tuesday Teaser comments. She was having troubles accessing your blog this morning.

    But her message is:
    "Am having severe difficulties accessing Alexia's blog so would like to offer her my best wishes for the New Yar via your site."

    I left her a message that I would pass it on to you. Have a great New Year! I will probably not get to talk with you until next year. 🙂

  10. Melissa – Hope you give this book a chance, as it was a fun read!

    Thanks for passing on Petty's message! Not sure why she couldn't access it, but might have been when I was tweaking things.

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