Accidental MermaidTitle:  Accidental Mermaid

Author:  Dakota Cassidy
Release Date:  October 1, 2017
Source:  eARC provided by the author

Esther Williams Sanchez is busy living her life the way she’s always done. Spending time with her pets, working as a divorce mediator, and enjoying her newly renovated cottage on the beach.

Learn to swim with a bunch of babies and toddlers? Easy-squeezy, right? Er, no. As Esther leaves the pool after her very first lesson, she sprouts a magnificent tail and fins. Oh, and hair the color of a rainbow. Lots and lots of luscious hair. 

Lucky for her, the OOPS girls are on site, and as they set about finding out how this happened to Esther, they run into a hunky Australian merman named Tucker Pearson who happens to be the key to Esther’s problem. But Tucker has problems of his own, and they include being kicked out of his family’s bottled water company, booted from his pod, and accused of embezzling over a million bucks.

Oh, and killing someone… OOPS, here we go again! (Goodreads)

My Review:

Despite this being book 16 in the series, it was pretty easy to follow once you got your feet wet.

The author dumped us straight into the deep end of the pool and it was sink or swim.

Luckily, sorting out who was who wasn’t hard and soon things were going swimmingly once more.


The story really got its hooks in me and….

Sorry again. I’ll stop now. Promise.

Esther is a grown woman who is terrified of the water. Determined to learn to swim before a cruise with her friends, she enrolls in the only swim class with openings…a Mommy and Me class for toddlers.

Unfortunately for Esther, she sprouts a tail and a mass of luscious rainbow colored hair after her first lesson. Fortunately, the ladies from OOPS happen to be nearby and leap to the rescue!

Not only do the OOPS girls have to figure out how and why Esther turned into a mermaid, but there’s an added mystery of her uncle’s suicide that may have been murder!

And did I mention Tucker, the hunky Australian merman?

This was a fast, fun read full of colorful characters with quirky personalities! My favorite was Nina, the straight talking tough chick that you just know has a heart of gold!

Yes it’s a bit of fluff, but it’s fun fluff that left me wanting to get to know the OOPS team better!


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