Spider's Revenge by Jennifer EstepSpider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep

rating:  4/5

Old habits die hard. And I plan on murdering someone before the night is through. 

Killing used to be my reg­u­lar gig, after all.

Gin Blanco, aka the Spi­der, assassin-for-hire. And I was very good at it.

Now, I’m ready to make the one hit that truly mat­ters: Mab Mon­roe, the dan­ger­ous Fire ele­men­tal who mur­dered my fam­ily when I was thir­teen. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts:

Spider’s Revenge is the fifth book featuring Gin Blanco, one of the most feared assassins around.

Retirement is not working out like Gin planned, especially as she’s still at war with Mab Monroe. Mab has no idea that Gin is the Spider, but that’s one of the few advantages Gin has, as Mab is just plain evil.

Mab’s newest plan for getting rid of the Spider is putting a bounty on her head. This brings all kinds of bounty hunters to town. But what really forces Gin’s hand is when she learns there’s also a bounty on her sister’s head.

They’ve just recently found each other again, so no way will Gin let anything happen to Bria!

Really like Gin. She’s one of those kickass heroines that make urban fantasy one of my favorite genres!

But she’s not a superhero, makes mistakes, and can get hurt. Not only can she get hurt, but it takes awhile for her to heal, even with Jo-Jo’s healing air magic.

I can’t stand perfect heroes, and Gin is anything but!

Gin’s friends and family are important to her, and she’s determined to protect those she loves. And what friends they are!

From the Deveraux sisters to her foster brother Flynn to lover Owen, they are all strong characters on their own, but made even more interesting by their association with Gin.

Loved learning more about the Deverauxs, though it was terribly sad.

Jennifer Estep is one of my favorite writers!

Gave this one a 4/5 as Gin is an awesome character and the series is holding up really well. Great characters, an excellent evil villain, and a strong plot!

I love both her Elemental Assassin and Bigtime series, and am looking forward to reading Mythos Academy.

Jennifer is an incredibly talented author and if you haven’t read any of her books yet, what are you waiting for?

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