Book Review: Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

Sea of ShadowsSea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

ARC received via Amazon Vine in exchange for an honest review

Twin sisters Moria and Ashyn were marked at birth to become the Keeper and the Seeker of Edgewood, beginning with their sixteenth birthday.

Trained in fighting and in the secret rites of the spirits, they lead an annual trip into the Forest of the Dead. There, the veil between the living world and the beyond is thinnest, and the girls pay respect to the spirits who have passed.

But this year, their trip goes dreadfully wrong. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts:

Ashyn is a Seeker, who finds the spirits of the dead and puts them to rest.

Her twin Moria is a Keeper, who protects the empire from unsettled spirits.

On Ashyn’s very first solo trip into the Forest of the Dead, something goes horribly wrong. When the signal flare isn’t sent at the agreed upon time, Moria joins a search party to find out what happened.

Members of Ashyn’s group start disappearing during the Seeking, and then Ashyn is briefly taken hostage by some surviving exiles.

They are attacked and stumble upon the search party while fleeing. Then the search party is attacked.

Only the twins, one of the exiles, and a guard make it back to the village alive. The village is attacked soon afterwards.

The twins are separated during the attack and both decide to make their way across the Wastes, heading towards the nearest village for help. Unfortunately, things do not improve on their journeys.

What an exciting story!

I love the world that Kelley has created, and the twins are both great characters!

Ashyn is the quieter twin, while Moria is fiery and impulsive. They are both strong in their way, but a little out of their depth as they are still only teenagers.

The story was well paced, with lots of action and an interesting plot. Kelley is one of my favorite authors, and she doesn’t disappoint with this new series!

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