In The Forests of the Night by Kersten Hamilton

Source: eARC provided by the author, via NetGalley and ARC via Amazon Vine

Rating: 4/5

Teagan, Finn, and Aiden have rescued Tea’s and Aiden’s father and have made it out of Mag Mell alive, bringing a few new friends with them. But The Dark Man’s forces are hot on their heels. Back in Chicago, Teagan soon realizes that she is not the target of the goblins. In fact, the goblins call her princess, and call her to come out and play. Something is happening to her, and she suspects it’s an infection she picked up in Mag Mell. An infected cat-sídhe becomes her test subject, and Teagan is determined to cure it of the sickness that seems to rot its flesh. If she can find a cure for the cat-sídhe, then maybe there is hope for her.

Meanwhile, Kyle and Isabeau, Teagan’s goblin cousins, show up in her school, disguised as a substitute teacher and a foreign exchange student. They are sure she will come back to Mag Mell, as goblin blood is never passive. Once awoken, it will burn away every other aspect of her being, leaving her pure and solely goblin. When the process is complete, she will belong to Fear Doirich, the Dark Man. It is just a matter of time. In the meantime, Kyle and Isabeau are happy to entertain themselves by trying to seduce, kidnap, or kill Teagan’s family and friends.

Tea knows she doesn’t have much time left, and she refuses to leave Finn to be hunted to the death or her family to be tortured and killed. A wild Stormrider, born to rule and reign, is growing stronger inside her, but as long as she can hold on, she’s still Teagan Wylltson, who plans to be a veterinarian and who heals the sick and hurting. The disease that’s destroying her – that’s destroying them all – has a name: Fear Doirich.

And Teagan Wylltson is not going to let him win. (Goodreads)

My Thoughts
I received this book as both an eBook and a physical copy. Glad I did, as this one is a keeper! This is the sequel to Tyger Tyger, which I reviewed here. The story picks up shortly after the end of the first book, with Teagan trying to come to terms with what she learned in Mag Mell.

Teagan is an interesting character. She is kind and caring, as shown by her love of family and work at the zoo. But she is also a teenage girl with a boyfriend and is not perfect, which is a huge relief! I really like her BFF Abby, who provides much needed comic relief but is fiercely protective of Tea! And Finn! What can we say about Finn except *sigh* what a cutie! A true hero in the making!

Afraid that she has evil growing inside her now that her goblin self has awaken, Teagan isn’t sure who she is any longer. Desperate to protect those she loves, she comes up with a dangerous plan. Can Finn stop her in time? Will he even find out what she’s planning? Hey, this would make a great movie!

Gave this one a 4/5 rating as I loved the characters, the writing was awesome, and it was never boring! The ending was satisfying, yet I sincerely hope that there’s more as I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

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