Hawkweed LegacyTitle:  Hawkweed Legacy

Author:  Irena Brignull
Release Date:  August 15, 2017
Publisher:  Weinstein Books
Source:  review copy provided by Wunderkind PR

Poppy is discovering a purpose for her powers in Africa, but she is haunted by a vision of her own death. Taken in by a boy and his great-grandmother, a healer, they vow to keep her safe-even if that ultimately means holding her captive.

But Poppy never stops longing for Leo and, when she feels his magic begin to spark, she will do anything to be reunited with him.

Desperate to regain Poppy’s trust and bring her home, Charlock embarks on a plan to reunite Leo with his mother.

What Charlock doesn’t foresee are the string of consequences that she sets into motion that leave Ember all alone and prey to manipulation, the clan open to attack from other witches, Sorrel vulnerable to Raven’s ghost, Betony determined to protect her son from his father’s fate, and which leave both Leo and Poppy in terrible danger. (Goodreads)

My Review:

The Hawkweed Legacy picks up where the first book left off, with Poppy running away from home in the form of a sparrow. She winds up flying to Africa, where she is taken in by an old medicine woman and her great-grandson.

Poppy’s biological mother, Charlock, tries to cover for her daughter and claims that Poppy just needs time to recover from battle and learn how to become both a witch and a Queen. But you can only stall for so long, so Charlock comes up with a new plan.

Ember, the mortal who was raised a witch, is still struggling to fit into her new non-magical life. She’s the one who seems to have changed the most since the first book, and not for the better (in my opinion). I thought Ember was made of sterner stuff, but maybe the mortal world is harder to adjust to than expected?

Leo, the boy both Poppy and Ember love, is also having a hard time adjusting to his comfortable new life after living on the streets for so long.

He is later victimized in a disturbing way that wasn’t really dealt with very well, as it felt more like a plot device. A little disappointing and took me out of the story for a moment.

The chapters pop back and forth between various characters, and there are also flashbacks.

Have to admit that it was fun to see Charlock as a young girl! The transitions are relatively smooth and each chapter is labeled with the new narrator’s name so there’s no confusion. I enjoyed the different POVs and seeing the action from different viewpoints, but it seemed like every time the going got good, we stopped for a new narrator. Was a little frustrating at times!

I think you’d really need to read The Hawkweed Prophecy to know what’s going on, as it could be a little confusing to anyone reading this as a stand alone. You could still enjoy the story, but might feel a little lost without knowing the character’s backstories.

All in all a good read. Lovely writing, interesting characters, and a decent plot. Not a big fan of the ending though, as it left me wanting to find out what happened next!

Will there be a book three? I certainly hope so!

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