Four stars!

A bestselling writer and her software designer husband are living the ultimate urban dream. With a beautiful home in Manhattan, skyrocketing careers, and an extravagant lifestyle, they seemed to want for little. Except that when it came to Isabel Connelly and the man everyone knew as Marcus Raine, nothing was as it seemed.

Isabel and Marcus seem to have the perfect life until one day Marcus goes off to work, but doesn’t come home. This sets Isabel on a quest to discovering who the man she married really was, and whether or not her whole marriage was based on a lie.

Really enjoyed how the book wasn’t just from Isabel’s point of view, but also featured her sister, Marcus, and even the lead detective as narrators. I liked sister Linda’s side story, but could have done without Detective Crowe’s drama as I didn’t think it really added anything to the main story.

Isabel came across as a strong confident woman who, like a lot of New Yorkers, is a little arrogant in her belief that she can find out the “truth” instead of leaving things up to the police. But I thought that her decisions and impulsiveness were believable, and understood most of her motivations. While Isabel does make some startling discoveries and suffers the consequences, I was satisfied with the way things played out in the end.

I had never read anything by Lisa Unger before, but think that she’s an excellent writer and am looking forward to reading more of her work. Four stars!

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