Dead on ArrivalTitle:  Dead on Arrival

Author:  Matt Richtel
Release Date:  August 1, 2017
Publisher:  William Morrow
Source:  Edelweiss

A mysterious disorder threatens to destroy the world in this high-concept thriller from Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Matt Richtel, which combines medical science, cutting-edge technology, and breathtaking suspense in the vein of Michael Crichton.

Moving at a breakneck pace from the labs of the Centers for Disease Control to the secret campus of Google X to the marble halls of the Capitol, Dead on Arrival is a brilliantly imaginative, high-concept thriller that draws on Matt Richtel’s years of science and technology reporting for the New York Times, and establishes him as one of the premier technological thriller writers working today.(Goodreads)

My Review:

While not my usual type of read, the excerpt pulled me in and left me wanting more!

A plane lands in the small town of Steamboat, Colorado to everyone at the airport seems to be dead. Is it a virus? Biological warfare? A gas leak? Good thing that one of the plane passengers is a infectious disease specialist!


Or the unfolding of an evil plot?

Things are just getting good with the doctor examining the nearest body when we shift to the past. Could have done without this look back at Dr Martin’s trip to Africa to investigate a mysterious outbreak, but maybe that was just my impatience to get back to the good stuff.

The story shifts between present and past, and between the Dr Martin storyline and a parallel storyline with Google whiz tech Jackie. Sometimes the shifts were a little awkward and unexpected, which threw me out of my reading rhythm. Nothing too confusing, just awkward.

I found myself more interested in the present day Dr Martin storyline and was impatient to get back to it whenever the book shifted to Jackie or to the past. I can understand why the author felt the shifts were important, but would have been happy with just the one storyline.

Thought that the story was going in one direction and then the author pulled the rug out from under me and sent things in a totally different direction. I usually enjoy plot surprises, but not this time.

This was not the book I was expecting.

I guess I was thinking along the lines of The Strain, maybe because of all the dead at the airport?

Don’t get me wrong as it was still an interesting story, just not the one I was expecting.

The book was well written with well developed characters, but I was left feeling like this could have been two separate stories and maybe that’s part of the problem. Overall, this simply wasn’t my cup of tea.

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