Crossed by Ally Condie
In search of a future that may not exist and faced with the decision of who to share it with, Cassia journeys to the Outer Provinces in pursuit of Ky – taken by the Society to his certain death – only to find that he has escaped, leaving a series of clues in his wake.

My Thoughts:
This was the much anticipated sequel to Matched (see my review here). We pick up shortly after the end of Matched, with Cassia determined to find Ky instead of meekly following the path the Society has laid out for her. Have to admit that I liked the first book better, as I was really intrigued by the mysterious Society and how it worked. This one was mostly set outside the Society, and I found myself a little bored at times.

Cassia and Ky take turns narrating the story and the chapters are labeled so that there’s no confusion. The plot was pretty smooth, despite the different voices. There were a couple of coincidences in the story that I found a little unbelievable, and I didn’t really get one plot point and wasn’t sure what Condie was aiming for.

Have to admit that I’m curious about what will happen next and where Cassia will end up. Xander surprised me a little, so I’m not as sure about him as I was in the first book. I liked this one okay, and will read the next book just because I’m curious how things will turn out. Middle books are tough, and this one was no exception. Gave it a 3/5 as it wasn’t as good as the first one, but still okay.

ARC received from the publisher via BEA

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