Book Review  Buzz Books 2015 Fall/WinterTitle:  Buzz Books 2015 Fall/Winter sampler

Release Date:  May 13, 2015
Publisher:  Publishers Lunch
Source:  NetGalley

The seventh edition of Buzz Books is a treasure-trove of substantial excerpts from dozens of the most highly-touted books to be published this fall/winter.

Our “digital convention” features such major authors as Geraldine Brooks, Lauren Groff, Alice Hoffman, Janice Lee, Ron Rash, and Adriana Trigiani. We showcase debut novelists you’ve already heard of – Sloane Crosley, Jesse Eisenberg, and Amy Stewart – and anticipated new voices such as Virginia Baily (Early One Morning) and Claire Vaye Watkins (Gold, Fame, Citrus).

Our nonfiction selections range from Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir to revelations on aging by Dick Van Dyke; new work from New York Times bestselling authors Jane McGonigal and Eric Weiner; and a memoir by Dan Marshall that will be featured at this year’s Book Expo America convention on the Editors Buzz panel: Home is Burning. (Goodreads)

My Review:

One of the reasons that I love the Buzz Books samplers is that I discover new-to-me authors that I might never have found otherwise. Sometimes I won’t even try a book outside my usual genres, then miss out on an awesome read!

While I didn’t love every story in this collection, I gave them all a fair read and even found a few to add to my wishlist.

Robots are usually too science fiction-y for my tastes, but who could resist a robot hitman? Raymond Electromatic is a former private eye turned hitman, and just happens to be a robot. Made To Kill by Adam Christopher certainly earns points for originality!

Speaking of hitmen, The Killing Kind by Chris Holm is about a hitman who specializes in killing other hitmen. For ten times the price on your head, he’ll take out the other guy before he has a chance to carry out his contract. Pretty dangerous way to make a living, but seems like a fascinating read!

Adriana Trigiani offers a different kind of story with All The Stars In Heaven. Loretta Young and Clark Gable are starring in a new movie, and we get to be a fly on the wall as Loretta navigates her life as a Hollywood starlet. I admit that I don’t know much about Loretta Young, but the sampler left me wanting to learn more!

While I don’t normally read non-fiction, I was intrigued by Clara Bensen’s No Baggage. The idea that she could jet off on a three-week vacation with a man she met only a few weeks ago online, with no baggage and no plans whatsoever, fascinated me! I’ve always wished I could go on a spontaneous vacation, but never had the nerve. The most I could manage was to not plan our days, just have some info available and see what we felt like doing that day. This story will let me live my dream vicariously through Clara’s adventure!

Home Is Burning by Dan Marshall is a prime example of a book I would never pick up on my own. Not only do I not read memoirs, but memoirs starring a dying parent? Nope! But if I were to pick up a book about a guy taking care of his dying parents, this would definitely be my first choice! Dan comes from a dysfunctional family and swears like a sailor, which is a refreshing change from the usual saintly stories where lessons are learned and everyone evolves while the loved one passes gently into that good night. Not that there’s anything wrong with those stories, but they’re not for me. This one? This one I could get into!

Hope you give this sampler a try and discover a few new authors for yourself! If you’ve already read this one, would love to hear about your favorite samples!

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