After I've GoneTitle:  After I’ve Gone

Author:  Linda Green
Release Date:  July 27, 2017
Publisher:  Quercus
Source:  Amazon Vine

On a wet Monday in January, Jess Mount receives the devastating news that she hasn’t got long left to live.

She doesn’t hear it from a doctor, though. She discovers it when her Facebook timeline skips forward eighteen months and friends and family start posting tributes to her, following her death in a terrible and mysterious accident.

At first, Jess thinks this must be a sick joke by a colleague jealous of her handsome new boyfriend. But as the posts continue and it becomes clear that no one else can see what she can, Jess is forced to confront that her impending death might be all too real… (Goodreads)


After I’ve Gone reminded me a little of The Future of Us in that the main character gets a glimpse of their future via Facebook. Only instead of a bright future, Jess sees condolence messages on her timeline.

Because she died.

Whoa! Talk about future shock!

Convinced at first that it’s a cruel hoax, Jess begins to wonder if it’s all in her head since she’s the only one who can see the messages.

After having a breakdown when her mother died several years ago, Jess isn’t sure if this is real or if she’s cracking up again.

But what if it IS real?

While I really liked the fun, feisty Jess we meet at the beginning of the story, I did not like the person she became after becoming Lee’s girlfriend.

I know he was supposed to be incredibly charming, but I never warmed up to Lee or saw any of his so-called charm.

The story flips back and forth between narrators, with Facebook updates in between. It’s nice to get different viewpoints of what’s happening, but frustrating as well.

Jess is still young and can be forgiven for some of her behavior, but why won’t she listen to her best friend? Why won’t she listen to her gut when Lee starts to change? Especially in this day and age. Her behavior drove me crazy!

Several of the decisions Jess makes don’t make sense and can’t be excused by her youth and inexperience.

While the premise is intriguing, I don’t think the story fulfilled its potential. The future Facebook posts were never explained and some of them felt a little contrived.

Still an okay read, I didn’t really like the main characters or the ending. The author is talented though and knows how to write, so there’s that.

After I’ve Gone gets a 3/5 rating as I did still enjoy it when all was said and done.

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