Book Review of A Hot Glue Gun Mess by Mr. Kate -Time to release my inner craft goddess!

Title:  A Hot Glue Gun Mess

Author:  Mr. Kate
Release Date:  June 16, 2015
Publisher:  William Morrow Paperbacks
Source:  review copy received from the publisher

In this beautiful paperback edition featuring French flaps, hugely popular lifestyle blogger, YouTube star, and designer Mr. Kate (Kate Albrecht) offers a stunning collection of step-by-step personal style and home projects – woven in with quirkily hilarious stories and anecdotes.

My Review:

While I’m not what you’d call a crafty person, I do have aspirations of craftiness. Unfortunately, they don’t really extend beyond pinning projects on Pinterest. 
After reading the synopsis of A Hot Glue Gun Mess, I had high hopes that I could finally unleash my inner Craft Goddess!

Sadly, she remains leashed for the moment as none of Mr. Kate’s projects really appealed to me. I do want to try her nail polish suggestions, but that’s about it. At least I have a fun new blog to follow!

Most of the projects in A Hot Glue Gun Mess are a little too quirky or young for my taste (a doily skirt? metal studs on your boot heels?), but I did love Kate’s stories. Part memoir and part DIY, the stories were my favorite part of this book!
Growing up in LA with a hippie-inspired mother and a father show business big wig, Kate’s childhood sounds much more exciting then mine! I know that I never got to have dinner with Tom Hanks or meet Michael J Fox on a movie set. Then she grows up to marry a real-life rock star? Granted, he’s a member of a boy band I’ve never heard of, but still!  
Kate seems like a fun, charismatic person and I loved reading her stories! While the crafts she choose to highlight in this book weren’t for me, I’m sure that they’ll appeal to her target audience and that they’ll love the book!
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