Bloglovin’ is driving me mad!

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While checking my Bloglovin’ feed a few days ago, I noticed that one of my favorite blogs wasn’t showing up. Since I know that she usually posts several times a day, I went to her blog directly to see if anything was wrong. Everything seemed fine on her end, but for some reason her posts weren’t showing up in my feed. Weird, but figured it was some kind of glitch that would sort itself out.
The next day, my feed went kablooey! I could see posts when I first logged in, but when I tried to check one of my groups or an individual feed, nothing showed up. Nada. A blank screen. The feed was no more…
Since it still didn’t work even after clearing my cache, deleting cookies, logging out of my account, then rebooting, I shot off an email explaining the problem and asking for help. When I didn’t receive an answer within five minutes, I sent them a Tweet asking what was wrong. What can I say, I’m impatient.
Received an email response within the hour, which surprised me as I’d heard that their customer service wasn’t all that great. Basically a form letter, thanking me for letting them know and that they seemed to be having some technical issues, but were working on it. At least they were aware of the problem. But my feed was still inaccessible, so I hit up Facebook for suggestions.
Found out that I’m not the only one with a Bloglovin’ account that’s gone kablooey, some for a lot longer than my 24 hour nightmare (so I’m dramatic and impatient…sue me). Most people recommended switching to Feedly, but I was holding out hope that Bloglovin’ would get their act together.
After playing around a bit, I discovered that if I clicked on a group or individual blog, then hit refresh, I could see the posts. Huzzah! 
Unfortunately, this grew old quickly as it was taking much too long to read & visit blogs. So impatient me gave up and went to bed, hoping that things would get better overnight (like Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day).
Much to my surprise….things did get better overnight! When I checked my feed Friday afternoon, it worked! But now I’m all paranoid and still thinking about switching to Feedly. I remember trying out Feedly when Google Reader rode off into the sunset and not caring for it, but I can’t remember why. If nothing else, at least I’ll have a backup in case Bloglovin’ goes wonky again.
Anyone else have a wonky Bloglovin’ feed? Are you toughing it out or have you already left for greener pastures? If you’ve left, is Feedly my best option? And is it just me or does anyone else think of Little Shop of Horrors when talking about Feedly? Feedly…feed me? Just me? Anyone?
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  1. I bailed on Bloglovin I think. I still have it as an option for people to follow but for weeks since I guess 2 updates ago it's been pretty bad. They said all is fixed now but eh. I went to Feedly and am loving it so far. -I really like it that if you click read on a blog it takes you to the next on your list.

  2. I have a Bloglovin feed but hardly ever use it. I never did get along well with feeds and I know my way of reading blogs is strange but I either review their posts by email or I randomly click through other peoples comments to read blogs…. always have 🙂 Hope it all gets worked out for you!

  3. Bloggers I was following just disappeared out of Bloglovin first. Then I started seeing again posts I'd marked as read (just checkin', it's doing it again at this very moment) so I'm thinking about Feedly too…

  4. I've been having issues too but I'm hoping to stick with Bloglovin' because I love their user friendly interface and adore their recently introduced Collections feature.

    I tried Feedly when Google Reader went down but I didn't like it. Hope Bloglovin' gets everything sorted ASAP.

  5. I tried both Bloglovin and Feedly when Google R went away and I preferred Feedly. I liked their tablet interface better, and I much preferred that when I click through to the blog, I go directly to it instead of through the intermediary interface that Bloglovin forces on you and which really slows down the load time. I haven't had any problems at all with it. You should give it a try.

  6. I had a few bloggers disappear, but they magically reappeared somehow after I emailed them. I'm still getting the posts I marked as read showing up as unread, which is really annoying! Going to give Feedly a try, but not giving up on Bloglovin entirely and may go back and forth to see which I like better.

  7. I've thought about signing up for emails, but my email box is already hard to keep up with and I'm afraid of making it worse. If I do decide to stay with Feedly, I'll write an update after a month or so (in case it goes kablooey on me too!).

  8. I like their interface too, which is one of the reasons I'm hesitant to switch permanently. Think I'm going to transfer everything just in case, so I have a backup. Now if my posts would just stay read, I'd be happy! lol

  9. I've heard lots of good things about Feedly, so while I still want to stay with Bloglovin, I'm going to give it a try. Never hurts to have a Plan B, right? 🙂

  10. I know that everyone seems to do things a little differently, so once you find something that works for you it's all good! Bloglovin worked for me for awhile, but now I don't trust it. Need to figure out how to transfer my blog feed, then will give Feedly another chance.

  11. Hmm. I usually read the blogs from my blog roll. I keep Bloglovin for subscriptions, but I think I really need to get back to using it again. I hope I don't have any issues. I had not heard of Feedly, so I guess it was fortuitous for me you had issues. Your pain is my gain I guess. I'll have to check it out.

  12. I only use Bloglovin randomly and subscribe to those blogs I MUST have in my life, or at least like their facebook page for updates, or else I would feel overwhelmed…too many books to read!

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