photo Well Path.jpg Title:  The Well Path: Lose 20 Pounds, Reverse the Aging Process, Change Your Life

Author:  Jame Heskett
Release Date:  March 8, 2016
Publisher:  Harper Wave
Source:  Review copy provided by TLC Book Tours

Lose twenty pounds and reverse the aging process in just sixty days with this clinically proven, holistic lifestyle plan from an anti-aging expert whose clients include some of New York City’s most successful women.

Most diets don’t work because they restrict food intake and put inconsistent physical stress on the body, starving cells, throwing hormones out of whack, and slowing down metabolism. In The Well Path, Dr. Jamé Heskett offers us a radical new approach: In order to lose weight, we first have to heal the damage we’ve done to our bodies from years of dieting. Before we can lose weight for good, we need to achieve homeostasis – total balance in the body, with all its systems working in concert. When you’re there, you’re full of energy, look and feel younger, and lose weight effortlessly. (Goodreads)

My Review:

What if you were invited to a party, but once you arrived you found out you couldn’t have any cake until you had eaten a bowl of Brussels sprouts? You’d be pretty disappointed, right?

That’s how I felt when starting The Well Path. I wanted the “cake” of how to reverse the aging process, but had to eat the “Brussels sprouts” of reading about the science first.

One of the problems I have with self-help books is that the author always wants to explain the science behind their theories. They want to explain the why before they explain the how.

All important information, but I wanted the good stuff! Maybe put the science stuff behind the plan instead of right at the front?

Since I do not like Brussels sprouts, I cheated a little and just skimmed the first part.

It was worth the wait though, as The Well Path actually sounds doable!

Everything is laid out for you in easily understandable steps, and there’s even a Prep Week for you to get ready!

No harsh regimens. No forbidden foods. No killer exercise program.

Instead, there are small steps you take each week that gradually change your life for the better. And even better, there are no hard and fast deadlines! I can do small steps. Small steps are good!

Who knew that drinking a cup of warm lemon water every morning and having soup for lunch would be so life changing? Yes, there are other steps, but they’re added so gradually that you sort of ease into them without hurting yourself.

I’m actually excited about this routine! I’ve just started, but think I can really stick with it because of all of the easy, gradual changes.

And best of all, the author says I can have cake!

The Author:

Jamé Heskett M.D. is the founder and director of Wellpath, an anti-aging and wellness center in New York City. Dr. Heskett received her M.D. in family health from George Washington University and completed her post-graduate residency training at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, rounding out her medical practice with a formal education in homeopathy and naturopathy which she integrates into her practice today. The mother of three children, she lives with her family in New York City, New York.

Find out more about Dr. Heskett and The Well Path at her website, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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