I remembered to take my camera with me every day to the book expo, just kept forgetting to take pictures. Then wasn’t sure how to transfer them to my laptop since my PC died. Figured it out eventually (um, plug it in? duh!), but not in time to include pictures with my daily updates. C’est la vie. Better late than never, right?
The main stairs to the exhibit hall.
This year they featured Cassandra Clare.
 The famous Harlequin booth, where I seemed to spend most of my time! These pictures are from two different signings (the Teen signing and the Paranormal signing).
Rachel Vincent at the Harlequin Teen and Maggie Shayne at the Harlequin Paranormal signings.
 Heather Graham and Rachel Vincent at the Harlequin Paranormal signing. Rachel said she remembered me from the earlier signing! (I fan-girled a little…)

Lauren Oliver signing The Spindlers.

 The infamous Shirtless Wonders, working the Becca Fitzpatrick line!
They both totally sucked in their stomachs before I took this picture!
Becca Fitzpatrick. So distracted by the shirtless wonders that I never even noticed she was signing Hush, Hush instead of Finale!
 Crazy crowds at the autographing chutes!
At the Dark Days signing. Longest line EVER! 

 Ellen Kushner and Holly Black at the Welcome to the Borderlands signing. Pretty sure I saw Laura Anne Gilman hovering, taking pictures! 😮

 Kate Locke, author of God Save the Queen. She rocks the pink hair!
 Jackson Pearce. Isn’t she adorable?
 No one ever believes me about the suitcase corral, so here’s photographic evidence! This is only a small section of my corral, and there were three of them this year. Three!
Last day of the expo and I had forgotten my drinks, so was very happy to see publishers giving away water! Thought this was too cute! Was going to save it as a souvenir but, well, I was thirsty…
Looking forward to seeing everybody’s BEA recaps! And hope I was the only one who kept forgetting to take pictures, as there were several authors I missed. Anyone get a picture of a blond Jeri Smith-Ready?
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