I came, I saw, I did not conquer.
Was very excited for day three of the book expo, as I would finally have a partner in crime to hang out with! Picked up my friend Tammy (of Bo’s Book Nook) early, so she could check in as a Power Reader and we could coordinate our plans for the day while waiting for the expo to open.
Was a little surprised that the registration line for the Power Readers wasn’t longer, as BEA had made such a big deal out of opening the doors to the public for the first time. I think they had too many hoops to jump through, which may have discouraged people from even trying to register. But Tammy was able to register through an invitation from Comic Con, so all was right in bookland.
Our first stop was Sourcebooks, as I saw a tweet on Wednesday that they would be handing out t-shirts first thing Thursday. A green Authors Are My Rock Stars tee with a picture of Edgar Allan Poe in sunglasses. Love it! Definitely the best swag of the show IMHO!
Then we split up, Tammy to go grab a big red bag from McGraw Hill (best tote of the show!) and me to stand in line for James Dashner. I thought he would be signing an ARC, but it was just an excerpt. Disappointing, but at least the line was short and I got to say hello!
Met up and headed from one signing to the next. Tammy got caught in someone’s net. Lured in by the offer of a totebag, she was boxed in by the publicist and a bouncer (that’s what he looked like!) as an author pitched his book to her. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally signed the book and she could escape. I was trying not to snicker, but was ROTFL on the inside. I don’t think she believed me before when I told her this could happen, so felt a little vindicated. Plus, it was funny. >:)
Spreadsheets in hand, we met up and separated throughout the day. Have to admit that it was nice having someone to hang out with. While I have no problem attending on my own, it was cool that she saved me a place in Line B while I stood in Line A. And she didn’t give me any grief when I walked up to an autographing table for what I thought was Karen Mahoney’s Wood Queen, but turned out to be someone else. The author had already made eye contact with me, so I had to take the book. Oops! Guess that was karmic payback for me laughing at T getting caught in a net earlier.

We were both disappointed that they ran out of copies of After: Nineteen Stories of Apocalypse and Dystopia for the Ellen Datlow signing and closed the line a few minutes after starting. She’s a great editor and chooses the best stories! Stopped by the Horror Writer’s booth for the 1pm signing, but the new shipment of books still hadn’t arrived. Only big disappointment of the day, but what are you going to do? If the shipment is late, it’s late.

Found it strange that there weren’t more offerings for the Power Readers. Some publishers had no signings or galley drops scheduled for the day at all. Others packed up early and left. They shut down the autographing chutes at noon, and the Expo itself closed at 3pm instead of 5 like the other two days. The Power Readers were a brand new audience, so why not try to impress them? Another example of Reed having a good idea, but lousy execution (have yet to read any good reviews of the Book Blogging Con!).
I was starting to drag halfway through the day; the two previous days finally catching up with me. Most of the signings and galley drops I wanted were in the morning, so I stood in a line or two for Tammy during the afternoon. The line for The Curiosities was insane, so skipped that one. Plus, heard a rumor that they were charging for the book. Assuming that wasn’t true, as I saw no angry bloggers storming the booth or rioting.
Curious what the publishers with 4 o’clock signings were going to do since the expo was closing at 3, we limped over to a booth to ask. The people there were very grumpy and acted like we were bothering them. We asked if  we could get a copy since the signing wasn’t happening, but they said they had to take all of the books back to the office. Um, if you were planning on giving away the books to begin with, why not provide them to two willing reviewers who were interested enough to stop by? Didn’t make much sense, and left a bad impression.
Am very glad that BEA is only three days and not four, as I barely survived! Still have a red mark on my shoulder from my totebag. Feet are killing me. Have bruises on my arms and legs that I don’t remember getting. Am sore all over and feel totally drained. And I would do it again in a heartbeat!
So glad that I took Friday off to recover! And looking forward to reading about everyone else’s adventures! Was surprised that I didn’t run into more people in line, but guess there were more choices this time around. But there was this one lady in a big blue wig and spacegirl outfit wandering around….
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