Parajunkee is hosting a Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge to start 2014 off on a good note! I skipped a few days, but tried to leave comments on other blogs taking part. Can’t believe that it’s the last day already!

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Day 14: Blogging Wish List of 2014

Since we’ve already listed our 2014 resolutions, going to assume that this is a real wish list and that the sky’s the limit!
  • An all-expense paid trip to BEA
  • Dinner with Neil Gaiman. (His wife can come if she insists, as Amanda is pretty cool too)
  • A fancy, awesome, custom blog design
  • A real, live Time Turner, so that I can finally get caught up with my TBR piles.
  • Increased comments on my blog posts.
  • For the Doctor to finally show up so we can explore the universe together!
Hey, a girl can dream, right?
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