Today’s topic – What does book blogging mean to you?
Hmmmm, this is a tougher question than it sounds. Blogging means so many different things to me:  a way to discover new authors, reading great recommendations that inspire me to stretch outside my comfort zone, a chance to discuss new titles with like-minded readers, having a place where I can put my thoughts about a book in writing, and allowing me the opportunity to attend BEA and meet awesome authors! All of these are due to book blogging. But the most important (and the one that keeps me around) is the feeling of acceptance.
This is my home.
You are my people.
I used to feel isolated as a reader, as most of the reviews I could find were for “literary gems” or non-fiction or other titles that just weren’t all that interesting IMHO. Like music reviewers, professional book reviewers seemed pompous and pretentious and we had totally different taste in books. They insisted I read Hawthorne or Shakespeare, but I wanted Dean Koontz.
Then I found the blogosphere, full of people just like me! People who understood that just one more chapter could take hours. That sometimes it’s worth staying up until 3am to finish a book, despite having to go to work the next day. That sometimes just owning a book is enough. That authors are better than rock stars!
Book blogging has changed quite a bit since I started. I’m sure it’s going to change even more in the future, but I think I’m here to stay. The good outweighs the bad. The drama eventually blows over. Blogs come and blogs go, but the community endures.
What does book blogging mean to me? I may be a little overly sentimental, but to me it means the world.
Love you guys!
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