Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week 2012!
Today is all about sharing the love…showing our appreciation for some of our favorite book blogs! While I follow several incredibly awesome bloggers, wanted to share a few of my favorites:
Tammy is a good friend of mine that I met way back when we worked together at a mall bookstore. She’s one of the few people IRL that doesn’t look at me like I’m nuts when I start ranting about something a fictional character said. So happy that she finally decided to start her own blog! And she has a picture of her cat for her avatar! Love that! Even though she’s new to the blogosphere, I’m amazed at how quickly she’s found her voice, and her reviews are incredible. She may even get me to finally try manga!
Ryan and I started blogging at roughly the same time. While we sometimes read different genres, I trust his reviews implicitly and if he says a book is worth reading, then I’m willing to give it a chance. He’s also the creative mind behind the My Favorite Fictional Character meme! You definitely need to check Wordsmithonia out!
This is one of those blogs where the posts always make me smile. I love her voice, and her reviews are well-written and full of fun! Really enjoy her Roving Reader feature, where she highlights interesting books she discovers during the week. Visiting SFIR is like visiting a friend, where you can sit down and gush about your love of reading!

 Petty Witter at Pen and Paper
 Petty Witter (aka Tracy) is one of those bloggers that makes me proud to be part of the blogging community! While we’ve never met IRL, I can always count on her blog having great content and I think she’s an incredible woman! Her Monday posts are always fun, and I usually wind up learning something new after visiting. Tracy has one of those blogs that if I only have a couple of minutes, I make sure to stop by to see how she’s doing and find out what’s new. If you haven’t discovered Pen & Paper yet, what are you waiting for?
These are just a handful of the wonderful blogs that I love, and I’m looking forward to discovering even more during BBAW!

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