6 Hot New June Releases

The weather is finally getting warmer, which means we can finally take our books outside and get some fresh air!

What’s better than sitting outside, putting on your sunglasses, relaxing with a nice tall glass of lemonade, and starting a new book?

And there’s nothing better than a book of short stories when you’re sitting by the pool or relaxing on the beach! Short enough to be interesting, but also easy to set down when you want to jump in the water and cool off!

Here are some awesome short stories and anthologies to add to your Summer Reading List!

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Before I Wake by David Morrell Before I Wake by David Morrell

Before I Wake is David Morrell’s third short-story collection and his first since the 2004 publication of Nightscape. It’s been a long wait between these volumes, but the wait has now ended in spectacular fashion. Before I Wake shows us Morrell at the top of his game. Each of the stories gathered here is a compelling, beautifully crafted gem. Each is the clear product of a world-class storyteller. There are fourteen stories included here, and they encompass an impressive range of themes, settings, and approaches.  (June 30th)


Fight or Flight: 17 Turbulent Tales edited by Stephen King & Bev Vincent Fight or Flight: 17 Turbulent Tales (edited by Stephen King & Bev Vincent)

Welcome to Flight or Fright, an anthology about all the things that can go horribly wrong when you’re suspended six miles in the air, hurtling through space at more than 500 mph, and sealed up in a metal tube (like—gulp!—a coffin) with hundreds of strangers. Here are all the ways your trip into the friendly skies can turn into a nightmare, including some we’ll bet you’ve never thought of before… but now you will the next time you walk down the jetway and place your fate in the hands of a total stranger. (June 4th)

The Best Laid Plans: 21 Stories of Mystery & SuspenseThe Best Laid Plans: 21 Stories of Mystery & Suspense

Whether it’s a subway station in Norway, ski resort in Vermont, McMansion in the suburbs, or trendy art gallery in Toronto, the 21 authors represented in this superb collection of mystery and suspense interpret the overarching theme of the best-laid plans in their own inimitable style. And like many best-laid plans, they come with no guarantees. (June 18th)


Big Book of Classic Fantasy Big Book of Classic Fantasy

Fantasy stories have always been with us. They illuminate the odd and the uncanny, the wondrous and the fantastic: all the things we know are lurking just out of sight—on the other side of the looking-glass, beyond the music of the impossibly haunting violin, through the twisted trees of the ancient woods. Other worlds, talking animals, fairies, goblins, demons, tricksters, and mystics: these are the elements that populate a rich literary tradition that spans the globe. A work composed both of careful scholarship and fantastic fun, The Big Book of Classic Fantasy is essential reading for anyone who’s never forgotten the stories that first inspired feelings of astonishment and wonder. (July 2nd)


Kiss and Part: Short Stories Kiss and Part: Short Stories

What does it mean to ‘kiss and part’? This collection of previously unpublished short stories from a stellar list of contemporary women novelists is a literary celebration of the spirit of place.

Each contributor shares one thing in common – they have all stayed at a small cottage in the village of Clifford Chambers near Stratford-upon-Avon, courtesy of a trust set up to provide women writers with ‘a room of one’s own’, as Virginia Woolf put it. (July 7th)


The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Four The Best Science Fiction of the Year: Volume Four

Keeping up-to-date with the most buzzworthy and cutting-edge science fiction requires sifting through countless magazines, e-zines, websites, blogs, original anthologies, single-author collections, and more—a task accomplishable by only the most determined and voracious readers. For everyone else, Night Shade Books is proud to introduce the latest volume of The Best Science Fiction of the Year, a yearly anthology compiled by Hugo and World Fantasy Award–winning editor Neil Clarke, collecting the finest that the genre has to offer, from the biggest names in the field to the most exciting new writers. (July 2nd)


Lots of awesome reads to get your summer off on the right foot! Pretty sure I’m going to start with the David Morrell, as he’s one of my favorites!

Happy reading!

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