2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge

2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge
One of my goals this year is to write more discussion posts. When I saw that Carmel at Rabid Reads had recently joined the Book Blogger Discussion Challenge, I thought that would be the perfect motivation to keep me on track!
Hosted by Nicole at Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon at It Starts at MidnightI’m excited to get started!

Some Details:

  • The 2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge runs from January 1st until December 31st, 2015.
  • Sign-ups will remain open until December 31st, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. Central. (So, you can sign up all year long! Come join us!)
  • You DO NOT have to have a book blog to join this challenge. If you don’t have a book blog, you may link up to discussions that you’ve started on Goodreads groups.
  • Every month, we’ll update this 2015 Book Blog Challenge Page with the links to that month’s Challenge linky – so you’ll always know where to find the latest link-up!
  • Share it! The more people we get to participate in this, the more awesome discussions we can all be a part of and the more fun it will be! So, invite your friends to join us!
  • This challenge is to help get us discussing books and book blogging, so talk about whatever you want as long as it’s relevant to book blogging. Discussions can be book related or book blogging related (or generally blogging related – no discussions about things that are completely off-topic like travel or fashion, etc). Discussions can also be about you personally if it’s a get-to-know-you type post.
  • There will also be monthly giveaways, so make sure you check in each month!
  • Use the hashtag #LetsDiscuss2015 to share your progress and connect with other participants on Twitter.


    1-12     Discussion Dabbler
    13-24   Creative Conversationalist
    25-36   Chatty Kathy
    37-48   Terrifically Talkative
    49+      Gift of the Gab

    Since I’m just dipping my toe into the discussion pool, think I’ll stick with the Discussion Dabbler level. While I have a history of failing challenges, I’m going to look at this as more of a motivational tool. I like that even if I only do one post, I’ve met my goal!

    Now I need to come up with some topics! What would you like to discuss?

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    0 thoughts on “2015 Book Blog Discussion Challenge

    1. I used to do much better with discussion posts. I'm having a hard time getting back into the groove of things. Good luck! I look forward to your discussion posts.

    2. Oh I always have problems getting ideas for discussion posts! There has been a lot going around lately about copyright, so maybe you could start with that one? You would have a lot of material to work with!

    3. Terri! I'm here to give you blog layout feedback! I love your header. So cute, but your name doesn't stand out. I think you should pick a different color! 🙂 The template for your blog is the one I used when I very first started. It brings back memories! 🙂 It's pretty much the same as what I have now, except I've just played with the colors over the years. Which is all just to say, I like it! Oh, and by the way, good luck with the discussion posts. Fun!!

    4. Oh wait! Now your name shows up dark! LOL.. I wonder why I couldn't see it before. Had it not loaded all the way? So nevermind on that!

    5. Thanks for the suggestion CaroG! I know that they recommend topics each month in case anyone needs help, so love that I'll always have a backup topic just in case!

    6. Thank you Suey! For some reason, my blog name is light on the home page but black on post pages. It's been driving me nuts as no matter what fixes I try, I can't change it. It looks fine on IE, but Chrome is glitchy for some reason. Thinking about changing templates, so that should fix it. *sigh*

    7. Hey Alexia, I'm here to give you feedback on your blog 🙂 I like your header but I would prefer if your name was in a more custom font. But, that's just me–I love fonts so much! I think you could change the background colors of your sidebars to match your header more and if it were me, I'd put your menu going horizontal under (or above if you prefer) and get rid of the left sidebar. Then you'd have more room for your content and it would be more prominent.

      Your social media icons are super cute! I think you should try to match the google+ and feedly at least, but bloglovin' would be great too. I also don't think you need the social icons on the left but they're not distracting to me!

      I think it's a great idea to have the facebook popup at the bottom. You have a great site–keep up the good work 🙂

    8. Thank you for the feedback! I'm not sure why my blog name changes color from the main page to individual posts, but am trying to fix that. And I'm having trouble getting tabs underneath my header for some reason, as I like them there better too.

      The floating icons on the left are sharing buttons, so think I'll get rid of them since they just confuse people. I do like how they follow you down the page, but no one seems to be using them.

      Thanks again for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

    9. I'll have to think about this one. I have never done a challenge before, but the first level seems achievable. You've never been lacking for things to talk about so good luck!

    10. I'd be shocked if I hit the second level, but considering that I've never really done discussion posts, anything on level one would be a win for me! 🙂

    11. I am so glad that you are joining the challenge! Before this challenge, I had not posted ANY discussion posts. Honestly, they terrified me. Now, I am already halfway to my goal and I will keep writing discussions long after I reach it.
      I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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